• Suppliers

    Supplier development in the Asian with high capacity for make your product or your mould.

  • Best technology

    Asian high technology in the development of your product and mould.

  • Development and Follow up

    Management of project at the producer, with a office responsible for this follow up of all development process of your product or mould.

  • Total Guarantee

    Guarantee for receiving your product or mold in accordance with your project.

  • No travel

    No traveling needed to atend your product or molds.

  • Quality

    We have a team with a good know-how and more 20 years of experience in the industrial area for you consulting and reducing at maximum the problems with quality or process.

  • Competitive price

    The Amancio Group guarantee a competitive price for development of your product and mold. Contact us.


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  • Honda
  • WEG
  • CNHI
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  • Honda
  • Iveco
  • Telemática
  • OLSA